New City Corporation Personal Information Safeguard Policy

We recognize the serious responsibility of safeguarding the personal information of our clients and, as a company, are working to this end as presented below.

1. Collection of Appropriate Personal Information

Clients' personal information is only collected when necessary and this activity is carried out by appropriate, legal means.

2. The Use of Personal Information

Except for identification or legal purposes, personal information is only collected by us when its use is necessary. What constitutes ‘necessary use’ is clearly indicated to the client in writing in advance when obtaining personal information from them. Furthermore, our ‘necessary use’ policy for personal information is publicly available on our website.

3. Disclosure to Third Parties

Except in the cases stipulated by law, no disclosure or delivery is made to third parties without the prior authorization of the client. In the case of delivery of client's personal information to entrusted business partners, the entrusted partner is bound by a confidentiality agreement to safeguard the personal information and ensure its appropriate handling.

4. Safe Management of Personal Information

Management rules are clearly written for the collection, use, delivery, retention, etc. of personal information and the management of personal information is conducted appropriately. In addition, appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access and viruses are conducted to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or leaking of personal information.

5. Observance of Laws and Regulations

We act in accordance with our own internal policies which respect the full range of laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information. Furthermore, all employees, including Directors, are educated and made aware of the importance of the appropriate handling of personal information.

6. Continuous Improvement of the Personal Information Management System

We continuously review and improve our procedures and management systems for safeguarding personal information.

Website Handling of Personal Information

1. SSLCommunication via encrypted SSL

SSL encryption is employed when supplying personal information on our website. When using SSL, an SSL compliant browser is necessary. However, even with an SSL compliant browser it still may not be possible to use SSL due to such things as the SSL settings or the internet connection which may prevent SSL communication.

2. Cookies

We may use cookies to allow us to provide a properly functioning service. Cookies are small text files placed on the client's computer when visiting a website and our system uses these mainly for recognition. The information held by the cookies used on our website has no use outside of the services of our website. If you prefer not to receive cookies it is possible to change your browser settings so that they are rejected. However, please be aware that changing your settings to reject cookies may result in our website's services not operating correctly.

3. Access Log

Our website collects information including IP address and browser type from the access log. The information collected is only used for statistical purposes to analyze the usage trends of our website and does not divulge any personal information.

4. Links to other websites

As our website has links to other companies' websites, please be aware that we are not responsible for their privacy safeguards.

Implemented April 1, 2005

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